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Birds and Beasts' combine a love of music and the natural world to bring animals’ stories to life. Their songs connect us to all creatures who call earth their home. With a natural instinct for pop melodies this Anglo/German duo mix harmony singing, acoustic-y folktronica, psychedelic guitar and synths. For fans of The Flaming Lips, The Super Furry Animals, She & Him and Talking Heads.

On stage Leo and Anna's singing is front and centre. They perform on guitar and bass alongside occasional violin, Celtic harp and keyboards. They use drum machines, sequencers and synthesizers to produce a layered and cosmic sound. They have self-released two well received albums and shared stages with Romeo and Michele Stodart from The Magic Numbers, Chris Helme, Space, Miles Hunt, Seamus Fogerty, Liela Moss, Native Harrow and many more...

Their lyrics stand alone as easy to relate to songs featuring powerful universal themes of love, loss, friendship and family. Dwelling beneath the surface though, each song is a well researched tale that allows the listener to relate to the fascinating lives of other animals. Some of the song subjects include: a scorpions’ determined search for a partner, a family of crows mourning the passing of an elder, a young she-wolf leaving her family to start a new life, an ant's self-sacrifice to protect the community and a hedgehog disturbed from hibernation by building works.