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The thing about Birds and Beasts; the songs are so memorable I feel like I've known them all forever! The new album takes all of the best qualities of their live set (energy, passion, tight harmonies) and smashes them together with one of the best studio production qualities I've heard from an independent band. It is a texturally eclectic album and yet is stylistically consistent. Everything you want from a Birds and Beasts album... my advice is get it: 


Samh  / Northern Quarter 

Kozmik Disko is a great record with the unique lyrical swagger we’ve become
accustomed to from Birds & Beasts. The songs make you listen intently to the words and you become entwined in the rhythm and quality of the musicianship. Psychedelic folk, fused with cosmic and disco pop, absolutely love it. Anna’s ease at strutting the bass never ceases to amaze and Leo has added real star quality to the production of the songs. It’s a fun, clever and unique sounding album which will sound even better on stage . 


Mark Richardson - Loafers 

This album was the perfect soundtrack to my walk through the countryside
an expressive, atmospheric and thoughtfully crafted album that crosses many genres that intertwine perfectly with the subject matter. From crunching guitars to jangling keyboards they all serve to make this a beautifully nuanced record that will really take you on a journey.
Stand out track for me is 'Silver Moon Array'. gets better with every listen...

Anthropomorphising animals is a common narrative trope, but to do it in a way that tells a real, relatable story without being overly sentimental can be tricky. Birds and Beasts tread this fine line with assurance as they follow the journeys of a small zoo’s worth of creatures in their quests for the famous ‘four f’s (fighting, fleeing, feeding, etc.)


Despite being a two-piece, the tracks are richly layered. The distinctive grizzly Birds and Beasts guitar sounds and tight vocal harmonies are supplemented with a variety of keyboard and other instrumental parts, pulsing drums, and electronic flourishes as the songs move from classic rock to energetic dance-y tracks to acoustic ballads.


Birds and Beasts are just as comfortable singing about species-wide idiosyncrasies, like the mating ritual of the ‘Dancemaster’ lance-tailed manakin bird, as they are creating narratives around individual animals, such as the poor hedgehog rudely snapped out of its hibernation by the destruction of its home in ‘Silver Moon Array’.


Kozmik Disko has beats to dance to, songs to sing along to, and stories to intrigue you.

Heres the Steeple


While I’d been aware of the Anglo/German, Huddersfield-based duo ‘Birds and Beasts’ (and heard only great things about them), it was only after my band were booked to play a doubleheader online concert with them during lockdown that I started to listen closely to their music.


And what fascinating music it is - a cornucopia of genres all thrown gleefully into the stylistic melting pot and glued together by a beautiful concept. All of their songs are inspired in some way by a creature from the natural world - a fabulous idea which hooked me immediately. 

Both members, Anna and Leo, sing brilliantly and play keyboards and guitars. Anna’s main instrument is an expertly-played bass guitar and Leo’s electric guitar playing is effortlessly nifty - with a dizzying array of crunching riffs. Oh, and he plays violin as well! 


However, the musical chops are always reined in just enough to form a perfect framework for the nine, sparkling songs on Kozmik Disko - their second album.

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Nick Hall - Plumhall

General Press 

...the music is great, it’s music that you can wig out to. It’s music that makes you smile. Music that I could imagine just throwing myself round a venue to with a huge grin on my face.

Local Sound Focus

'...really something special...seriously infectious, spaghetti western soundscapes...sheer devotion that oozes and sweats into every note...'

Live review from Cat on the Wall

'...chock-full of suitably crunchy riffs and addictive hooks that are irresistibly uplifting...'

Huddersfield Examiner feature

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...memorable and distinctive music that really gets under your skin...timeless songwriting...

York Calling

 A rock’n’roll infused blend of country-folk ...the listener can delightedly stomp on the table-top...

Emerging Indie Bands

'By far one of the most unusual songs I’ve ever reviewed...Nothing could have prepared me for the lively jam of The Current.

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