Hello Everyone, 

We are touring online right now and making the most of our time together. We are fortunate that we are married and live together, this time was already set aside to produce our next album and we are really enjoying working on this.


Please check out all our events on Facebook and here on our Website. We are being very creative behind the scenes and we will be sharing a lot of content throughout the 'Lockdown' period.


We know its difficult right now for venues and the music world in general, we are so fortunate that we can gig online and live stream our gigs to our audiences and to our venues that we have already had existing bookings with. We have had really good feedback from our online gigs and we are so happy that we have been able to share some happiness and joy in a time of uncertainty.  We are sending lots of Love out there in the world and we hope you are all doing okay right now, 

Check out our recent Album 'Entwined' and learn the lyrics,  so you can sing along to our online gigs and soon we can meet you all again in real life. https://birdsandbeasts.bandcamp.com

We are really excited to share something we have been working really hard on recently. Our digital 'Electronic Entwined' download is us performing our debut album live in our studio, with the help of our favourite drum machines, samplers, sequencers and synthesizers.  Its available on our Bandcamp page now, we hope you enjoy it.

Booking Enquiries. Please contact - Fiona happy4pr@gmail.com 

Please take a look at our new Single, Side by Side  

                                                         Thank you for all your support.

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