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Kozmik Disko - A few things you might not know.....

Thank you to everyone who has bought our Album, Kozmik Disko so far, your support means a lot to us. We thought we would share a few things that you might not know about the making of the album.

1. Some of the songs on this album go right back to the start of Birds and Beasts and are nearly six years old. The newest ones were a couple of months old when we started recording. It was hard to choose what songs to include on the album!

2. All of the artwork was created and produced by Leo with some artistic guidance from Anna. The animal characters began life as a sketch on a napkin and some of the textures we used to illustrate came from peeling paint on a fence in our garden.

3. Kozmik Disko was created and produced in our studio and mastered remotely by Abbey Road Studios. Each time we embark on a recording project we tend to do a bit of renovation, this time we painted the studio green!

4. The Album Kozmik Disko has songs inspired by - wolves, ants, bees, sharks, hedgehogs, lance-tailed manakins, scorpions, albatross and hippos.

5. We dropped one song from the album at the last minute, it was a really new song about angler fish. It will appear on the next album probably!

Here is a little video we put together showing some footage and pictures of the album's creation. Click on the picture to visit our YouTube, we would be very grateful if you took a moment to subscribe there too!!

Here is a little Video to show you the making of the Album.

If you haven't bought the Album yet, please go to our shop and get yourself a copy.

Gig Updates

As you know we have been doing our online gigs live on our Facebook page, with some brilliant artists, like Elaine Palmer, Plumhall and Dan Sealey....

Our next online Event is our Double Bill with Carol Hodge on our Facebook page this Saturday 24th of April 2021, at 8pm. It is a 'Pay as you can Afford' event. Please join us.

Here are some other things we have coming up -

Saturday 8th of May - Holmfirth Folk Festival online

Saturday 22nd of May - Double Bill with Here's the Steeple online on our Facebook Live at 8pm

Sunday 30th of May - Double Bill with Chris Dover, Underground Bradford. Doors open at 6.30pm There are limited tickets - click on the poster below to get yours.

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