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Welcome to a Kozmik Evening with Birds & Beasts, and Special Guests, The White Kites from Warsaw.

We cannot wait till tomorrow at 8pm on our Facebook LIVE page for our wonderful Zozmik Evening.

To begin the evening we have TheWhiteKites on at 8pm on our Facebook Page.

The group was formed in 2014 in Warsaw (Poland), hailing from traditional British rock from the 60’s and 70’s (Genesis, Pink Floyd, Robert Wyatt, The Zombies), though woven into their music listeners can also fnd folk, Broadway and medieval infuences. The foundations for this unique sound and style stem from the experience of the band members from art-rock (Przemek Pilacinski), folk (Pawel Betley), post-rock (Jakub Tolak) all the way to the theatricality of the vocals (Sean Palmer).

The debut album “Missing” (2014) garnered a plethora of complementary reviews from the press (Teraz Rock, Lizard, Shindig Magazine, Koid'9) as well as online music zines around the world. After releasing their album the Kites toured Poland and the UK.

After fve years away from the studio, The White Kites return with something new, the album “Devillusion” released in September 2020. As on the frst album, listeners will be met with amixture of psychedelic, baroque pop, Canterbury Sounds and full favoured rock. The album is being preceded by the singles „Spinning Lizzie“ and „Fallen Star“.

From a musical perspective the album, Devillusion“ is a kaleidoscope based on a core of rock and blues-rock (Spinning Lizzie, Blurred), with a strong infuence of psychedelia (Not a Browie, QRMA) and art-rock (Fallen Star).

Then there will be a short break to refill your glass at the Home Bar.

9pm onwards it will be us, Birds & Beasts being utterly Kozmik till the end. Find out more about us below..

Birds and Beasts write memorable songs inspired by animals and the natural world. Anna and Leo Brazil originally came up with the idea whilst snow bound in a log cabin, deep in the forest of Anna's native Germany. The band are based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, over lockdown they released their second Album, Kozmik Disko, their first album Entwined is available on their shop.

Their music is a mixture of different influences from 'Psychedelic folk infused with cosmic and disco pop' Loafers to 'guitar sounds and tight harmonies...Songs that move from classic rock to energetic dance-y tracks to acoustic ballads.' Heres The Steeple

Anthropomorphising the lives of creatures creates a mirror through which we can relate to our own triumphs, heartaches, losses, loves and friendships.

'Kozmik Disko is serious contender for the best album of 2021' - Nick Hall (Plumhall)

This Album - Kozmik Disko was the perfect soundtrack to my walk through the countryside, an expressive, atmospheric and thoughtfully crafted album that crosses many genres that intertwine perfectly with the subject matter' - Dan Sealey (Merrymaker)

Recently the band have shared the stage with Romeo and Michele Stodart from The Magic Numbers, Space, Miles Hunt, Dan Sealey (Merrymaker/Ocean Colour Scene) Chris Helme (Seahorses), Stone Foundation, Chris Dover, Elaine Palmer and many more... Over Lockdown they have played together with, Carol Hodges, Plumhall, Elaine Palmer, Here's The Steeple, Charm of Finches and Roxanne Da Baiston.

It is Record Store Day tomorrow and Saturday 17th of June, so feel free to purchase Birds & Beasts Albums here on our Shop

& The White Kites -

See you all tomorrow night. : )

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